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Working together to restore dignity to individuals and families in Mesa, Arizona, and the surrounding community


La Mesa Ministries works to restore dignity and self-sufficiency to the homeless and the working poor in Mesa, Arizona, and in surrounding communities. We walk alongside those ready to break the cycle of poverty, offering them hot meals, worship opportunities and introductions to local resources that can help them improve their circumstances. We provide hope to people feeling hopeless by compassionately connecting them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the weekly meal and ministry. 

 Serving Meals on Tuesday Night starting at 6pm.

La Mesa Ministries

La Mesa MiniStries

Many people in Arizona are one paycheck away from homelessness.  La Mesa Ministries was established to work together with existing service providers to restore dignity and to bring hope to individuals and families in Mesa, Arizona, and the surrounding community.


At our East Valley facility people can begin to restore their lives. We want our brothers and sisters to know that we care about their dignity, and that there is a community of Jesus believers who will walk alongside them.


 La Mesa Ministries will provide compassion and respect to all individuals as we navigate together through the

system of community resources while making available life’s necessities to move forward.


Hope Happens Here

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