Somebody once said, "The clothes make the man (or woman)."


But for many people in need, clean clothes in good shape often are hard to come by or nonexistent. They frequently wear on their backs everything they own, perhaps cramming extra items of clothing into their backpacks or garbage bags. Their shirts, pants, underwear and socks become stained and smelly, and they sometimes must resort to washing the items in a gas station bathroom sink or park fountain or scraping together change for the coin laundromat. Or doing without.


There’s little hope of landing a job or apartment when that’s your reality.


Laundry services will be provided for our brothers and sisters in need once they are employed and they enroll and are accepted into the program. They will be able to drop off their clothes in the morning and re-turn in the afternoon to pick them up, clean and folded. We also will have a limited supply of clothing, in addition to clothing vouchers for local stores.


We pray the laundry services at La Mesa Ministries are the beginning of a new day and a new life - being clothed in the loving arms of Jesus.


Hope Happens Here