If you had to leave home today, what would you take along?


Your wedding dress packed away in a nice suitcase? Photo albums tucked into a cloth grocery bag? Your food processor in the box in which it came?


Imagine having to carry with you everything you own, day in and day out. How would you do it? Where would you park your grocery cart safely while you applied for a job? Where would you store your bag? What happens when it rains? How will you keep dry the important documents in your backpack or grocery bag? How do you sleep at night, knowing your belongings aren’t safe from the harsh environment or potential thieves?


How’s your confidence?  This is life for many and it isn’t easy.


Free short- term temporary storage lockers will be available to individuals who enroll and are accepted into the program at La Mesa Ministries. Personal belongings will be kept safe for several hours while their owners go to medical appointments, job interviews and other meetings. Storage of items for longer periods of time will be available for a nominal, refundable fee, depending on the locker size and the length of time. (maximum 90 days)


Our prayer is that this service results in new opportunities for our brothers and sisters to move forward in their lives, storing the love of Jesus in their hearts as they go about their days.


Hope Happens Here