Try to imagine applying for a job, renting an apartment, collecting your Social Security, even setting up a doctor's appointment without a permanent address or phone number.


This is reality for many people who are in need, and they have great difficulty accessing community services, employment and housing programs.


Staff at La Mesa Ministries will walk alongside these brothers and sisters and help connect them with needed services. From filling out forms to making appointments to catching a ride to an interview, we will be there to assist. In addition, we will provide:


  • Mail services for official documents and letters for those who cannot afford a post office box

  • A “real person” answering service for return calls on employment, housing and medical appointments

  • A job center to help with resume writing, job searches, completing applications and interview skills


La Mesa Ministries also will have caseworkers who can help find housing solutions based on individuals’ needs and situations. Counselors will help folks cope with the stress of need a place to live and with individual circumstances, such as substance abuse and addiction. Money management, financial coaching and legal assistance  will also be available.

Most importantly, people entering La Mesa Ministries will immediately see and feel the love of Jesus. On the walls, in the music, in the Bibles and literature available to read and especially in the love and compassion of those who serve - Jesus’ love and forgiveness will be everywhere. The Gospel will be shared, and prayers spoken.

All that we say and do is based on our love for and faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who commanded us to serve and love one another.


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